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El equipo de control de riesgos de CSDSIP está aquí para ayudarlo

El control de riesgos está diseñado para ayudar a nuestros miembros a reducir la exposición a pérdidas a fin de controlar los gastos relacionados con las pérdidas. Nuestros consultores de control de riesgos están disponibles para personalizar la capacitación adaptada específicamente a las necesidades de su escuela. Estas horas de contacto se pueden utilizar como unidades de educación continua para el desarrollo profesional y son beneficios gratuitos para todos los miembros de CSDSIP. Si tiene preguntas o desea realizar una solicitud de capacitación, utilice el botón a continuación. 

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Past Training Examples

Adult Sexual Misconduct

Two-hour interactive video-based workshop, designed for all school staff, and looks at incidents of adult sexual misconduct. Knowing and understanding appropriate adult conduct is critical to prevent incidents or allegations occurring and is imperative that all staff appropriate behavior in order to prevent incidents or allegations of sexual misconduct. 

Sexual Harassment

This presentation will help you better understand how to recognize and investigate sexual harassment incidents. We will also discuss the districts responsibility under state legislation to have harassment policies.

Defensive Driving for
School Bus Drivers

Interactive defensive driving program that utilizes Hartford Insurance for commercial and professional drivers, 3-D Driving program. This program is designed for good, experienced drivers who need reinforcement on how to improve their driving skills. It is based on the concepts of defensive, decisive and dependable driving. 

Transportation Liability Concerns

This program focuses on the specific liability issues and concerns of drivers and transportation employees. Liability concerns can arise from student discipline, transporting students with special needs, emergency procedures, and student harassment claims. Transportation employees must be aware of the liability issues involved and how best to protect themselves, the students, and the school district.

First Observer Plus
School Bus Security

The First Observer Plus™ Program provides transportation professionals with the knowledge needed to recognize suspicious activity possibly related to terrorism, guidance in assessing what they see, and a method for reporting those observations.